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More than ever we need to know what is safe, where can we go and what can our travel look like?

My goal is to coach and support you through every stage of your journey - from planning to return - so you feel confident and simply enjoy your holiday. My hope is that 30 plus years of travel experience and travel partner connections provide the professionalism and knowledge that answer any questions for every part of the trip.

Active & Adventure Specialist.

As an adventure specialist I have farmed in Ireland, back packed Europe, UK, snorkeled Fiji, The Great Barrier Reef, Cook Islands and Belize, canyoneered in Costa Rica with our adventurer group, swam with sting rays in the Cayman Islands, attempted surfing at Buros, Mexico and Long Beach, Vancouver Island, SUP at Muri Beach, Cook Islands, rounded up cattle on the high country of Australia, Jet Boated in New Zealand and trekked and skied the Rockies, Canada.

I also love All-Inclusives for their great capacity to meet many needs and for their simplicity:

It's probably fair to say that with over 20 educational trips to the Caribbean including Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Barbados, The Bahamas ... (to name a few), I can help you choose a resort be that luxury 5 stars to a family friendly resort. ......... Here's my travel story and the why?

A life of transformation through travel:

Julianne is passionate about travel and how it makes us come alive.

Raised on a farm in Glenmaggie, Australia, she grew up riding horses, droving cattle to the high country, shearing sheep, swimming in the creek, painting, roaming in nature and playing many sports. Her Dad called her little Jac, (Juli Anne Cumming) and it stuck.

Her love of learning started with Agricultural Science which led her to travel and farm in Ireland with the International Agricultural Exchange Association. This set the pace for adventure and travel. After backpacking around Europe she returned to the Aussie bush and became a firefighter. Then opportunity called so she moved to a big city job in Sydney as an Exchange Travel Consultant which led to her placement in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

On the way to Calgary she travelled across Canada and met up with a friend she met in Ireland. They had a fling and it lasted 30 years and counting! Married on the family farm in Australia, Julianne then moved to Alberta, Canada where she still farms with her husband and his family.

Still desiring travel, in 1999 Julianne founded a travel business she could run from home and yet get two busy boys to motocross, music, 4H and badminton and even sneak in a few escapes to move her soul! Jac’s Journeys still fills her need for adventures and people by offering personalized service and creating and leading group tours. Her most favourite group was 40 ranchers from the Tahlequah Cherokee Indian Nation, Oklahoma.

Julianne is a lifelong learner so studied Travel and Tourism, then graduated with Bachelor Professional Arts Communication Studies. As a coach she trained with the Coaching Association of Canada and started the Tofield Badminton Club training juniors for competition. She loves badminton and competed in the Canadian, Australian and World Master’s Games. Jac is very excited to learn surfing and finds this her most challenging sport ever!


Yet always consistent was her passion for wellbeing and helping others so Julianne became a Reiki master and was fortunate to work in oncology at a local children’s hospital. She also hosts medical gatherings led by Dr. Kilpatrick, (M.D.).

If that all seems easy, well, it wasn’t, but over the year’s Julianne learned pathways for self healing and knows this as a dynamic process and requires self compassion and awareness best complemented with fun and adventure. Jac’s Wellness Journeys is born from this life long process and love of life. Julianne looks forward to helping you create your journey with your best self and care at the centre.

Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Ireland, & Mexico Trained Specialist.

Association of Canadian Travel Agencies Member.

I hope to share the joy of travel and transformational journeys with you too!

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from our clients:

Julianne helped us find the perfect family vacation. We were looking for somewhere safe to take our 6, yr old4, yr old and 9 month old. She found us the best deal, and walked us through every part of travelling with kids! We had an amazing time and would recommend using Julianne to all of our friends!

By Kim - Tofield Ab | Trip To: The Bahamas

We have been working with Julianne for our travel needs for many years. Julianne listens to your vacation hopes and discusses choices to fit our desired goal and budget. She is knowledgeable and passionate about the travel industry. She researches to stay informed of emerging trends and changes. Julianne is awesome to work with!

By B&C - BEAVER COUNTY | Trip To: Mexico

I loved not having to worry about any plans. Wonderful experience and within budget! Pretty much accomplished my bucket list??

By Charm - Sturgeon County | Trip To: Costa Rica

Julianne is truly amazing when it comes to booking anything. She helped us book our fifteen month trip as well as many other short trips we have been on. Everything from tours in China, resorts in Fiji and multiple long haul flights. We are so grateful for her experience, knowledge and effort! Thanks Julianne!

By David and Morgan - Edmonton

Pleasant, personable with a wealth of knowledge. Provided a matched portfolio suited to our needs. Definitely would recommend Julianne as your travel specialist!

By Scoop65 - Alberta | Trip To: Cook Islands

Julianne is an experienced, wholehearted ,travel consultant with heaps of integrity. She will ensure that your journey ( in body, mind and spirit) will be fun and exactly what you want. if you desire a bespoke travel adventure I highly recommend you reach out to Jac's journeys !

By Karin - Osoyoos, BC | Trip To: South Africa

Julianne was fantastic. She made booking things so easy! Her suggestions were well received and she did an excellent job of making our trip as easy as possible to book. Could not have had a better experience. Am definitely going to be booking more travels with her in the future!

By Emily - Edmonton

Julianne goes out of her way to know exactly what you’re looking for in trip and then makes it happen. She is very knowledgeable as has plenty of experience to draw upon.

By Laurie - Alberta | Trip To: Costa Rica