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Well Being and Vitality

Being well is a sense of feeling whole and in good spirits.  You feel energetic and vital and that gives you a sense of confidence and contented purpose as you go about your day.  You are comfortable within your self and in the world at large.  You generally feel happy and are connected and at ease with your personal power.

Easy right?

We all know that life is loaded with challenges.  Our lives can be frenetic but we soldier on and seldom process feelings such as love, loss, sorrow or pain.  Most of us don't recognize how stressed we are until we slow down or stop.  However, when stress is on going our adrenals become taxed, then we are at risk of chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression.  It seems we've had way too much of this lately!

Well Being and Vitality evolved from Jac's deep curiosity about life and desire to know what makes us thrive.

While we believe all travel can be transformational, this travel style is focused on your well  being and vitality!  Our programs combine the greatness of travel with the change we wish to know and see within our selves.

* How do I choose the wellness program that works for me?

We know there are many pathways to wellness and we are here to guide you explore your path.  This is not a one size fits all experience so we take the time to connect and understand your needs from the moment you contact us and tell us you are interested in a Well Being and Vitality journey.

Which ever way you chose, be that yoga, surfing or the quiet stillness of a healing spa, know that you are not alone.  You can be a part of a like minded community and you can travel as a solo traveler, with friends, or family.

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Julianne books all our family and group trips. She sits with us finds out what we are looking for and what we expect. Then we can trust she will gather up ideas give us more than one destination and the choice is always easy. We have never been disappointed with our service from Julianne. And that's why she will always be our choice for a travel agent.

By Kari - Tofield, Alberta

Julianne is truly amazing when it comes to booking anything. She helped us book our fifteen month trip as well as many other short trips we have been on. Everything from tours in China, resorts in Fiji and multiple long haul flights. We are so grateful for her experience, knowledge and effort! Thanks Julianne!

By David and Morgan - Edmonton

Pleasant, personable with a wealth of knowledge. Provided a matched portfolio suited to our needs. Definitely would recommend Julianne as your travel specialist!

By Scoop65 - Alberta | Trip To: Cook Islands

I loved not having to worry about any plans. Wonderful experience and within budget! Pretty much accomplished my bucket list??

By Charm - Sturgeon County | Trip To: Costa Rica

Julianne was fantastic. She made booking things so easy! Her suggestions were well received and she did an excellent job of making our trip as easy as possible to book. Could not have had a better experience. Am definitely going to be booking more travels with her in the future!

By Emily - Edmonton

Julianne is an absolute gem and a pleasure to work with. She can take my vision and turn it into reality. We have travelled to Mexico and twice to Cuba with great success! I have been using her to create fun and exciting Yoga and Meditation Retreats for years and can't wait to plan the next one!

By YogaPath Wellness - Edmonton, AB | Trip To: Cuba

We have booked multiple trips with Julianne and it has always been a wonderful experience. If we have questions, she always finds time to answer them.

By Huck's - Tofield | Trip To: Mexico

An absolute miracle worker! I have never had better service in the travel industry.

By Jennifer - Alberta